AND XOR Badge Challenge

Today @ArdJect posted on Twitter a challenge for the ANDXOR Badge.
Here's the tweet that was posted to start the challenge off:

At 16:30 come to where
There's a KittyCatDen and a Development Lair
You'll see the bright color
You'll have a fun time
But one thing for sure
There are no children there
#notastripclubkentaro #MattDamon #BadgeLife
@dc801 @801Labs @SAINTCON
Kim Thomson (@ArdJect) August 20, 2020

I wanted to share the solution to the challenge for those who are curious. After some digging, this was the first solution I came up with:

That was wrong, very wrong.

After more digging, @ArdJect posted another challenge with the tag @wiglenet

That made me think about WiFi. I pulled up and searched for the wifi name KittyCatDen. That pulled up exactly what I needed.
If you pull up the Longitude and Latitude on google maps, you'll see other markers that match up perfectly with the riddle.

See? Not so hard. We met up and I was the only one there with the solve.

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